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Preterism, an Even Worse Heresy than the Pre-Trib Rapture


Preterism: even worse than pre-Trib theology


Another common heresy that is in some ways even more destructive is the gross misinterpretation of the prophetic Scriptures known as Preterism. Preterists teach that all or most of the prophecies of the Bible have already been fulfilled or will never be fulfilled in any literal way. Many insist that the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD and the dispersion of the Jews fulfilled all or most of the Apocalyptic Scriptures like Daniel, Revelation and Matthew 24. Most of Last Days prophecy is reduced to a mere symbolic interpretation, instead of a literal one. It is also post millennial, a theory that a literal, future Messianic age of a thousand years will never occur. Only the Second Coming of Christ is taught by most Preterists, not the Tribulation period, nor the Day of the Lord. Preterists also push replacement theology, the heresy that the Church has replaced the nation of Israel and the Jews, so that all of God's promises to the Jews for Israel's restoration to the Promised Land are no longer valid. Most of the old mainline liberal denominations preach some form of Preterism.


Preterism is a denial of the plain, straightforward sense of Scripture. As they teach that Revelation is largely symbolic, this denies the Tribulation, the antichrist, the mark of the beast, the two witnesses, the rebuilding of the temple, the victory of the Saints, the seven seal plagues, the restoration of Israel, Christ's literal kingdom on earth and other events.


A doctrine of demons that denies Biblical truth


The prophecies of the first coming of Christ were fulfilled in a absolutely literal way, so it is certain that all the prophecies of the events of the Lord's second coming will be fulfilled literally as well. Preterism is a vicious attack on Scriptural authority, denying that the Bible can be trusted as an accurate prediction of future events. It's a despicable doctrine of demons. Don't be fooled by their feigned intellectualism. Their ultimate goal is to destroy your faith in Christ and the Bible. They will be held accountable for their deceit and denial of Biblical truth they are endangering believers with.




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