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Unlocking the mystery of the year of Christ’s return

Why Jesus Christ will return in the year 2030

Even more Biblical evidence that points to the year 2030

Establishing the year of Christ’s death and resurrection is key

The Tribulation begins in 2023 and 7 years of plenty in 2016

Timeline Chart for the 2030 Second Coming of Christ

What about Imminence, can Jesus really come at any time?

Quickly proving the Seventh Trumpet/Post-Tribulation Rapture

Quickly disproving the pre-Tribulation rapture/invisible return

Why all prophetic dreams, visions and words today are false

The invisible return of Christ is found nowhere in the Bible

Contradicting the Bible: “Rapture is not the Second Coming”

The battle of Jericho foretold of the Seventh Trumpet Rapture

The long list of unbiblical pre-Tribulation rapture fabrications

Seven ages of the Church: another Darby/Scofield fabrication

First, last, before, after: the Bible means what it says

Third Day of John 2:1: a prophetic type of the Messianic Age

Early Church leaders: Antichrist will persecute the Church

Preterism, an even worse heresy than the pre-Trib rapture

Who the Restrainer really is, certainly not the Holy Spirit

The Jerusalem Temple will be rebuilt within seven years

True Meaning of the Seven Seal Scroll of Revelation

The First Resurrection of Revelation 20 is of the Church

How to receive Jesus as your Savior



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“With the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.” II Peter 3:8

“And He stayed there two days.” John 4:40   “He will revive us after two days.” Hosea 6:2

2030 Second Coming by Daniel Speck

2030 Second Coming
By Daniel Speck
Hidden in the stories of the life of Christ are prophetic clues to the year of His return. A Divine time scale recorded in Second Peter is the key that unlocks this ancient mystery. Although no man can know the day or hour, in 2030 Jesus Christ will return to rapture the Church, restore Israel and begin the thousand year Messianic age. Order from Amazon for $12.00.
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